Fortnite CHANGED Competitive... (everything explained)

Fortnite CHANGED Competitive... (everything explained)
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Fortnite Competitive is BACK... (everything explained) I hope you guys enjoy this Fortnite Battle Royale gameplay funny moments video! Today we go into Fortnite battle royale chapter 2 season 6 and explain the changes to the FNCS Format!
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    Also in nae people from colombia all the way up to the united states play on that region is not only the united states the countries that play on nae, Hawaii and a huge part of mexico play NAW there is even people that get 0 ping no joke, So the prize pools should be bigger because they think NAE and NAW is only united states and is not like that

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    "Fortnite Battle Royale" may straightforward, but it's actually a very nuanced game with plenty of depth!

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