I got in CHAMPION LEAGUE in ONE NIGHT in Fortnite Season 6... (Fortnite Competitive)

I QUALIFIED for CHAMPION LEAGUE in Fortnite Season 6... (how to unlock champion league in Arena)
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I QUALIFIED for CHAMPION LEAGUE in Fortnite Season 6... (how to unlock champion league in Arena) I hope you guys enjoy this Fortnite Battle Royale gameplay funny moments video! Today we go into Fortnite battle royale chapter 2 season 6 and qualify for Champion League in ARENA!
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    He thinks that diamond Hanz looks like cereal killer but two sec later he uses him

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    no offense to nicks but as im watching him rn he is kinda dog water

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    That intro

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    U need to get a new face cam😂

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    How do people get Golden Pump?

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    April 8th " it's a Christmas miracle " - kiwiz 2021

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    No I don't have fortnite

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    4:55 this dude got sh*t on

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    probs got 80 9 yr olds u groomed to queue in your game

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    Kiwiz has no mechnical skill lmao. Just key in area already

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    Kiwiz is so good at playing statue

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    the kid with the spaz killed you the game before lmao good revenge kiwiz

    • Doyle


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      he has a gold spaz off spawn

  18. bryan dk •

    bryan dk •

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    Lol he killed the same guy the next game after he died to him 7:35

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    You could have at least started at division 4. Don’t ask why I typed this



    Ай мурун

    9:14 time to pull off the lowground king😂

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    how i got 1000 arena points in one hour

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    No I didnt like bitch, nah I'm jk I did lol

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    U still in 1%

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    The first tho

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    Love the intro

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    1:50 "this guys are fighting in zone"

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    Play rust!!!!

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    kiwiz you accidentally stopped your recording mid sentence 1:30 to 1:40

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    These guys r div 2 bruh



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    “This guy looks like a serial killer” *buys*

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    I love the Pokémon music in the background it really sets the tone for arena

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    Ehats the point in doing it in the night when you can do it in the day

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    Why kiwiz always get hit buy the rpg

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    U did a how many points can I get In an hour video and ur sayin u got champs in 1 night

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    You started in contender league so you didn't get to champion league in one night?

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    oh sh*t this guy looks like a serial killer -kiwiz 2021

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    If this is who I will be versing in nearly champs, bruh imma not scared lmaooo

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    There is mechanical parts if you break the boats

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    The frozen face cam is a meme at this point

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    wait 6:00 the zone was in retail then he cut into a part were the zone was in boney burbs hello?

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    So insane

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    Imagine how hard it would be to get to champs on console

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    only kiwis can die with a gold spaz 😭

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    Kiwiz:rotating A random kid on height:rpgs kiwiz KIWIZ:scootmcbob

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    Stop copying cxltures dude. You literally have to copy content

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    Does anyone know whats the best rendering mode for pc

    • Slaps


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      Use all low settings if that don’t work lower your hd resolution

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    Kiwiz:I qualified for champions league

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    I wish every one who sees this has the best Easter they have ever had...

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    4:01 dood holy shit, also kiwi missing every shot 😂😂

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    if you are reading this know god loves you🥰❤️

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    Kiwis gets carried by jays and orange jk love u kiwiz

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    1000 is easy in 1 night.... banger vid though

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    That’s why you always play with people because you suck by yourself

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    this is in now way meant to be offensive but this video shows that aim is way more important than mechanics in comp.

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      keep up the good work Kiwiz

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      Camera froze

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